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How Much Is a Quarter Of Weed?

A quarter refers to a quarter of an ounce, which is seven grams. This is the most popular amount that a regular smoker would purchase at one time. An occasional smoker with a strong affinity for a particular strain might also prefer to Buy CBD edibles online Cambridge and store them properly to keep them fresh. 

You start to see substantial savings when you bump up to a quarter. A quarter is double the amount of an eighth, but gram for gram, it’s likely to cost you much less. It will often cost as much as $10 less overall than buying two eighths. 

How much is a half-ounce of weed?

Half an ounce is 14 grams, which is a lot of pot. If you smoke a gram a day, half an ounce will last you two weeks. To put that into perspective, that’s one “big boy” joint to yourself daily. Regular users, people with a higher tolerance, and people who use cannabis medically can easily use that much on a daily basis. 

It’s not unusual for prices to boil down to about $7 a gram when you buy a half-ounce at a time. It’s a very economical way to purchase if weed is a part of your daily life. 

How much is an ounce of weed?

We go straight from a half-ounce to an ounce. There isn’t anything in between. This giant 28-gram jar or bag of pot is as much as you can legally purchase at once in many states, whether legal or recreational. It’s also the Costco-sized portion of weed. It’s what you’d want if there were a storm coming or if you might get snowed in. You’ll get a blunt a day for a month out of an ounce. 

An ounce can run around $200 for a lovingly grown and tasty strain, which is about $7 a gram. If you’re getting an ounce of something really top shelf, the price can be more than double. Fast delivery weed in Kitchener isn’t necessarily stronger, but many people have preferences. 

What about vapes and extracts?

Vapes and extracts are much more potent than flowers. Flower might have 25% THC per gram. A vape pens cartridge may contain over 80% THC per gram. Cartridges and disposable pens contain half a gram or one gram per cartridge, but they’re substantially more potent. If you’re using vape cartridges on a daily basis, you might find that a half-gram cartridge can last you two weeks. 

Extracts come in one-gram jars, and they’re typically just as highly concentrated as vapes. When you’re using an extract, you load a tiny spoonful onto a dab rig. A “dab” is a relative measurement, but a standard jar will get you anywhere between 10 and 20 servings, usually closer to 20. 

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