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Weed Measurements: How Much Is an Eighth, Quarter, Ounce, and More

Weed measurements are far more sophisticated than uninformed beliefs. It’s quite simple to become perplexed. It’s sometimes metric grams, sometimes imperial ounces. Every now and again, a measurement will be referred to as a letter or a wholly made-up term that has nothing to do with the best delivery weed in Kitchener.

When you connect measures to how you’d use them, it’s simpler to learn and remember how much you need for certain sorts of things. The measurements for flowers, joints, vapes, and concentrates vary somewhat.


How much is an eighth of weed?

A lot of people prefer to buy in eighths if they want to try new strains or if they only smoke weed socially. An eighth is enough to last a weekend or two in the right company.

The “eighth” measurement refers to an eighth of an ounce, which is technically 3.5 grams (we’ll talk more about grams below). It’s not unusual to see a dispensary eighth that contains 4 grams. Growers and manufacturers always want to incentivize bulk buying, and you get the benefits. Who complains about more weed for less money?

It’s not unusual to pick up an eighth of a really popular strain, like Wedding Cake, for somewhere around $20. It’s almost the same as getting double the amount of weed for your money. Even if you don’t smoke regularly, eighths are so economically priced that it barely makes sense to Buy CBD gummies online Kitchener.

This won’t always be the case. Very high quality and very high potency weed can sometimes go up to $70 for an eighth. Most of the time, it’s worth the splurge. Highly coveted strains like Super Silver Haze are usually somewhere between $50 and $60 an eighth. If quality and potency are the most important things to you, this is probably what you can expect to spend.

Grams, joints, and blunts

A gram is usually one big bud or two smaller buds. It’s the amount you’d use to fill a king-sized joint that you’d pass between a few people. It can also be used to roll a modest blunt. A normal joint for two people or a regular smoker contains about half a gram in a standard-sized rolling paper or cone. If you’re smoking a normal amount alone, ¼ of a gram will give you a joint similar in size to the average cigarette.

A big blunt can contain anywhere between two or three grams. The average blunt you’d share with a group of five people is roughly this size. Packwoods’ blunts are famous for packing two grams of flower, .25 grams of kief, and .25 grams of concentrate into a single preroll. Check out the best weed deals here.

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